Been in IT-Industry for quite sometime, but still i feel i am lacking skills. Have seen the industry evolving so fast that keeping up pace with it is so difficult task. If you are in IT and not passionate about learning, then in no time you will soon be called Rusty.

Coming from a traditional IT infra background, what I came to know is, it’s very important to have skills which will open up possibilities to explore new carrier direction, new job opportunities and confidence to stand out in this competitive IT world.

Up-Skilling is a challenging task i should say, specially when you have a responsibility of family and kids. Taking out time for yourself is a daunting task and requires motivation to keep up, but it’s achievable.

The idea behind this website came from that 1hr. of my personal time. Through this medium i will be sharing primarily on Amazon Web Services, Automation, Infrastructure-As-Code, and will be helpful by sharing my personal thoughts on the topics. Happy reading.

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Tushar Bhavsar